New project is in good spirits

A DISTILLERY is set to boost its green credentials with its latest spirited project.

Glengoyne Distillery opened its new wetlands area, which will process distillery waste and deal with the effluent from spirit stills, earlier this week.

The £170,000 wetland will reduce waste produced from the distillery by around 25 per cent and create a haven for wildlife.

Robbie Hughes, distillery manager at Glengoyne, said: “We are always looking at options for improving our waste management and wetlands seemed like the perfect solution. It allows us to reduce waste, cut down on waste transportation, be more environmentally friendly and will attract a huge range of wildlife to the area, which is already renowned for its geese.

“We are also investigating further environmental improvements including anaerobic digesters to generate gas for our boiler from another one of our effluent streams.”

To mark the opening, Glengoyne Highland single malt became the exclusive whisky partner of the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT), which works to save wetlands around the world.

The distillery now intends to get involved in a series of joint marketing and fundraising initiatives with WWT and has promised to give at least £5000 to the Trust in the next 12 months through the sale of special bottles of its whisky.

John Creedon, corporate relations manager for the Trust, said: “WWT were keen to link with Glengoyne because of their commitment to the environment and because the name ‘Glengoyne’ means ‘Glen of the Wild Geese’ in Gaelic, and WWT’s Caerlaverock Wetland Centre in Dumfriesshire, within easy reach of the distillery, is the winter home of tens of thousands of barnacle geese from Svalbard.”