ACTION has been taken to ensure quad bikers don’t ruin £800,000 new football pitches in Bearsden.

Work on the final stage of the development at Colquhoun Park looks set to start at the end of the October.

The site now has state-of-the-art playing fields with improved drainage to stop flooding - with most of the unsightly fences now removed waiting for new purpose built fencing to be put up.

Following the allocation of an additional £41,000 in February’s budget, a contractor has been employed to replace the ugly wire barrier erected to keep quad bikers off while the area was upgraded.

Welcoming the development, Councillor Vaughan Moody said: “The tenders for the fencing work came in two weeks ago and it is planned to start at the end of September, but the fences, which has to be purpose made will go up until next month.”


The dark green fencing has to be specially made and will go around all the new pitches. At the Glasgow end it will be three metres high and everywhere else 1.2 metres and the entrance will have chicanes to prevent motorbikers using it.

Councillor Moody, who has been heavily involved in the development, added: “With a superb development like this that has cost in excess of three quarters of million pounds, we don’t want quad bikers going onto it. We need to protect the surface from irresponsible users so that it can be enjoyed by all the community.”

The completion, on what was once a flood-prone area, will mark the end of a saga that has dragged on for more than two years.

Residents in Conon Avenue to the south and Station Road to the north, who have had to put up with years of inconvenience, welcomed the latest news.

A 50-year-old care worker from Conon Avenue said: “Most of the horrible temporary fencing has now been taken down but there is still some at the other end of the park.

“We have had to endure this development work for more than two years and the temporary fencing just made matters worse. It was always getting knocked down. Fingers crossed the new purpose built fencing will stop the quad bikers from getting into the park.”

An East Dunbartonshire Council spokesperson said: “We have just awarded the contract for a fence to be built around Colquhoun Park. We will shortly be able to confirm a start date and a programme of works.

“The £41,000 perimeter fence has been designed to stop quad bikes and similar vehicles getting into the park and causing damage. Access for pedestrians will, of course, be maintained.”