New mobile phone app for West Highland Way

West Highland way app
West Highland way app

WALKERS will be able to get all the information they need about the popular West Highland Way on their mobile phones thanks to a new app which has just been launched.

The app will enable people to access information about the popular long distance walk, which starts in Milngavie, on their Android phones and tablets, for the first time. They can plan their route and accommodation in advance and also day-to-day as they walk the route.

The app can display a map of the path overlayed with the locations of essential facilities such as hotels, hostels, B&Bs, campsites, shops and transport links.

A spokesperson for the app, said: “Users can move around the map and touch a location to see information about the facilities there, including links to the appropriate website for further information. So people can find the best accommodation options and link straight to their websites for contact details and booking.

“The app can also display detailed information about the distance of each day’s walk, including height ascended and descended. It presents a sample eight-day itinerary and allows users to modify this to suit their preferences for accommodation and distance per day.

“All this makes it easy to plan the walk in advance, but the app is also useful when actually walking the route.

It uses GPS positioning to display the current position on the map of the route. The user can touch any other point on the route to see the distance to walk to it. All the information already mentioned about accommodation etc is available for people who haven’t booked everything in advance. There is also a diary feature so people can record their experiences as they walk and (optionally) send them to their friends.”

It costs just £1.99 and runs on all phones and tablets that use the Android operating system, including those provided by Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. It has been developed by Calton Hill Ltd, a Scottish mobile phone application company, and is the first in a series of apps by Calton Hill to cover the most popular long distance walks in the UK.