New lights system to ease traffic problems in Bearsden

CARS could soon be ‘Scooting’ through Bearsden – if a new hi-tech traffic control system proves successful.

A new SCOOT (Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique) traffic control system is to be installed to help alleviate traffic problems on the A81 Milngavie Road near Asda.

The system will link up junctions between Kessington Road and Hillfoot Drive and is scheduled to be in operation by the end of January next year.

SCOOT works by detecting vehicles at the start of each approach to every controlled intersection.

It models the progression of the traffic from the detector through the stopline, taking account of the state of the signals and any consequent queues.

The information from the model is used to optimise the signals to minimise the network.

David Devine, East Dunbartonshire Council’s Head of Roads and Neighbourhood Services, said: “The council’s current plans are for the implementation of SCOOT within Kirkintilloch, Bearsden and Bishopbriggs. SCOOT for Kirkintilloch is to entail the four traffic light junctions from Townhead to Gallowhill Road and is planned to go live in mid November. Bearsden is to include the traffic signal junctions on the A81 Milngavie Road between Kessington Road and Hillfoot Drive, and is to be installed in March 2013.

“Bishopbriggs will see the junctions on the A803 Kirkintilloch Road, between Brackenbrae Road and Westerhill Road, being linked up, and is scheduled to be in operation by the end of January 2013.

“To minimise disruption to road users, the council where possible will incorporate SCOOT installations to coincide with other works.”