New findings show Bearsden Cross is one of most polluted spots in Scotland

BEARSDEN Cross has been named as one of the worst polluted spots.

A new analysis by Friends of the Earth Scotland has found that Bearsden Cross is the 14th most polluted street in Scotland. The monitoring device, 10 meters away from the Bearsden Primary, shows the Cross exceeds the European standard pollution index for nitrogen dioxide in 2012.

Dr Richard Dixon, Director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, said: “Air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to people’s health, with fumes from cars, lorries and buses, killing off at least 10 times the number who die in road crashes every year.”

According to experts, the high levels of fumes can cause breathing problems and heart attacks. Up to 3000 people are estimated to die every year from air pollution in Scotland, compared to 190 deaths from road accidents.