New community police officers hits the beat in Milngavie

Police Constable John Robertson is keen to make his mark with the local community after taking over the role last month.

PC Robertson is one of two dedicated officers now stationed at Milngavie office with the remit of being the eyes and ears on the ground for local policing.

He spoke to the Herald recently about the main priorities he is keen to tackle.

He said: “With it being an affluent area, and with a larger proportion of more elderly people living here, one of the main crimes affecting the area is bogus workmen who call at people’s homes and offer to do work around their house,especially in the garden.

“There has also been a number of people targeted in phone scams.”

Constable Robertson said the best advice he can offer people is “never to part with money until a job is completed. One of the favourite ploys is for the bogus workmen to say they are going to lunch and just not turn up again.

He said this happened to an elderly Milngavie woman recently, but can be avoided by taking a couple of simple steps like asking for a receipt for any work done and insisting on seeing some form of identification.

And for telephone scammers PC Robertson said: “Never give any personal details over the phone unless you are sure who you are talking to.

“The best thing to do is to call the person back after waiting for at least five minutes, preferably from another phone line. No large companies will call and ask for personal details.”

And with the cold weather here, another popular crime in the area is ‘Frosting’, ie leaving a car running to clear the frost. PC Robertson said: “Just don’t do it. It’s not worth it.”