New Blue Badge

A NEW Blue Badge for disabled drivers has been launched in a bid to combat fraud.

Badges have been redesigned so they are harder to tamper with, copy or forge and will feature digital photographs.

The application process has also been changed with a new eligibility checker to help applicants find out if they qualify for a badge, and a form which will request detailed information to ensure applications are processed more effectively.

While application forms can be requested through East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC), badges can also be applied for online at where people can track the progress of their application.

Tony Keogh, head of social work at EDC, said: “The new badge will make it easier to reduce fraud which will assist severely disabled people who rely on the Blue Badge scheme to find a parking space, enabling them to access amenities and services in the communities.”

The council will continue to administer the Blue Badge scheme and issue badges. An administration fee of £20 will be charged for the issue of each badge, which will apply to new applications and for renewal and replacement badges when a badge has been lost or stolen.