New birthing classes use hypnotherapy

Hypnobirthing classes now available in East Dunbartonshire
Hypnobirthing classes now available in East Dunbartonshire

A revolutionary antenatal class, which promotes hypnotherapy during childbirth, is now available in East Dunbartonshire.

Daisy Birthing uses pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing and relaxation alongside the essential antenatal education.

The method teaches mothers-to-be to use their breath, body and movement to turn their negative perception of birth into the positive experience they never thought they could have.

Jocelyn Duncanson, who currently runs classes in Bearsden, said: “My passion for Daisy Birthing was ignited when I attended classes before the birth of my son James.

“I was anxious about labour and was recommended to attend Daisy classes to help build my confidence and trust my bodies ability to birth.

“The hypnobirthing allowed me to achieve my home birth and afterwards I decided to become a teacher to help women feel supported during pregnancy and birth.

“Hypnobirthing and active birth has been shown to reduce the need for medical interventions and studies have found mums have a more positive labour with some even describing their labour as ‘orgasmic’.”

A mum who attended the classes, Suzi D, said: “I had always planned on having a natural, active birth, however, after learning that I will need to give birth in hospital under consultant led care, I felt that I had lost all control of my birthing experience.

“I felt scared and apprehensive about my labour but Daisy Active Antenatal Classes changed all that.

“Jocelyn provided an abundance of information, reassurance, tools and techniques to use before and during labour. I learned about what my body will be doing and why, and was taught breathing techniques and optimal positions to allow my body to do what it needs to do to birth my baby safely and as comfortably as possible.”

All birth choices are supported and classes educate women not only about active birth but also relaxation, medical inductions and interventions to enable women to prepare for birth.

The classes aim to promote a more enjoyable pregnancy, taking women through flowing movements which help with common problems including carpal tunnel syndrome, heartburn and swollen hands and feet.

Classes can be adapted for women of all shapes and sizes, and for those with pregnancy-related medical conditions.

Birthing classes are just a small part of what The Daisy Foundation offers women and their birthing partners. Community forums also cover baby loss, multiple pregnancy, common pregnancy ailments and all things baby-related, which allows mums and mums-to-be to support each other.

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