Nancy (79) gets BA


YOU’re never too old to learn something new - and living proof of this is 79-year-old Bearsden pensioner Nancy Brown who graduated with a degree earlier this month.

Nancy, who has a keen interest in history, decided to take the Open University degree course in Arts and Humanities because she always felt a ‘hankering’ to continue her education after it was interrupted when she came to Scotland from Canada at 18 with her parents.

The retired nurse, who has four grown-up children, has lived in Horseshoe Road since 1964 and, following the death of her husband, decided enrol on the course which took her five years to complete.

Nancy said: “I always had the hankering to get a degree and it was really, really interesting, even if it was hard work.”

The graduation ceremony was at London’s Barbican Centre and all her children turned up which was a surprise as two of them came all the way from Canada.

Commenting on the course, Nancy said the supporting materials were excellent and the help from lectures was “just great”.

She said: “I did my tutorials at Caledonian University and it was so rewarding.

“Don’t get me wrong there were times when I considered chucking it, but I’m so glad I persevered. Now when I watch the news I have a better understanding of what is going on.”

Nancy had a brush with world news herself recently when she travelled to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of ancient Roman city Leptis Magna in Libya.

She said: “That was a little adventure. We left on February 5 just before the uprising began. It was as calm as anything and there was no trouble at all.

“Some of the people in our group went on to Syria but I came home with my friend Moira. Everyone is blaming the uprising on me.”