Nail salon fumes give dad cause for concern

Nail salon has been served with a council notice
Nail salon has been served with a council notice

A nail salon has been served with a warning notice after an investigation found it was causing an environmental nuisance.

East Dunbartonshire Council has established that a ‘statutory nuisance’ exists at USA Q Nail salon on Station Road, Milngavie.

Ann Davie, the council’s director of customer service and transformation, said: “Our investigation has established a statutory nuisance exists and action was taken in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1990.”

Peter Brown (53), who lives above the salon on Station Road, has been complaining for over a year that the fumes from the salon coming into his house are making his life unbearable.

He claims that he is unable to cook or eat in his kitchen for most of the day, because the chemical smell is so strong.

He asked East Dunbartonshire Council to investigate and monitor the problem. The council placed special equipment into his home several times to measure the fumes.

He said: “It’s been much worse in the run up to Christmas and New Year, because lots of women are getting their nails done for parties.

“It’s very unpleasant for myself and my 15-year-old son to live with the constant strong smell of chemicals.

“It really has been making our life pretty unbearable.

“I’m unable to cook or eat in my own kitchen anymore so we eat a lot of takeways.

“The smell actually makes us both feel a bit ill.

“I hope that after this action has been taken by East Dunbartonshire Council the nail salon will take steps to prevent this awful smell coming into my house.

“It would be good if they could install equipment that gets rid of the smell so that it doesn’t come up into my house.”

Owner of the USA Q Nails salon, Nina Loin said: “We are aware of this problem which has been going on for a year and of the notice from the council.

“We are trying very hard to fix it.”