N-ice day for a white wedding at Colpi’s

SPECIAL TREAT: Riccardo and Christine popped into Colpi's ice cream shop on their wedding day.
SPECIAL TREAT: Riccardo and Christine popped into Colpi's ice cream shop on their wedding day.

A bride’s world is her oyster after she made a special trip to her favourite ice cream shop, Colpi’s in Milngavie, on her wedding day.

Christine Balfour (26 ) got married to Riccardo Edoni (32) last Saturday (October 3).

Riccardo comes from the well-known Edoni family in Bishopbriggs, who manufacture the ice cream making equipment which has been used by Colpi’s since 1928.

Christine has been a lifelong fan of their ice cream because when was a young girl her dad took her to feed the ducks in Milngavie and they would always get a ‘Mr Colpi ice cream’ afterwards.

Riccardo said: “I feel the bat’s been passed to me because now it’s me who takes Christine for ice cream at Colpi’s.

“She has always been very starstruck by ‘Mr Colpi’ so she was thrilled when I arranged for her to meet the grandson of the original owner, Martin, who now runs the business with his sister Terri.”

The couple got married in St Joseph’s Church, Stepps, and made the stop-off in Milngavie on their way to their wedding reception in Lodge on Loch Lomond.

Riccardo added: “We werepassing the shop anyway after our wedding ceremony.

“I wanted to make sure the day was extra special for Christine and I knew it would make her happy if she could enjoy her favourite ice cream.

“It feels like fate has brought us together, as we were already connected through Colpi ice cream.

“Christine loves it so much that she won’t eat any other brand.”

A red carpet was laid out for them and a crowd of about 50 people gathered to welcome the couple - they all got a ‘pokey hat’ cone.

Dr Cav Terri Colpi, business development director for Colpi, said: “This was a first for us and incredibly exciting.”

The founder, Rodolfo Colpi, emigrated to Scotland from Colpi, a small hamlet in the Dolomite mountains in the Trentino region of north eastern Italy, in 1907. Dolfe, as he became known, moved to Milngavie in 1928 and opened his shop on Main Street.