Mum says Mush social app been a real lifeline for her

Maggie with her eldest son Rudy.
Maggie with her eldest son Rudy.

A mum who doesn’t have any family living nearby says a social app which enables like-minded mums to meet up has provided her with a lifeline.

Maggie Townsley (33) lives in Bearsden with her two sons Rudy (3) and one-year-old Sonny.

Maggie is a hairdresser but she only works one and a half days a week so she is on her own with the boys for most of the week.

She said: “I started using the Mush app a few months ago and it’s fantastic.

“It connects you with other mums in your area that you have stuff in common with such as children the same age, similar interests and hobbies.

“It’s a great way to combat loneliness and isolation which is something that many mums feel at times, especially if they don’t have any family living nearby.

“I was quite surprised how many mums living in the area were already using the app.

“I’ve met some really lovely women who I’ve really hit it off with.

“We’ve been on buggy walks and meet up at various toddler groups.

“Because I don’t have any family nearby it’s been good to meet new friends for that extra bit of support.

“I did already have a group of mum friends here but most of them work during the week so I needed to meet mums who are also around during the week.

“It’s lovely to be able to text and ask if they fancy a walk to the park or a cuppa and a chat.

“I wish it had been around when my eldest son was born because at that point I didn’t really have any mum friends or family and I did get lonely at times.”

Mush, which stands for Mums Social Hub, celebrates it’s first birthday this month with 120,000 mums using the app in the UK and beyond.

It was set up by two south London mums, Katie and Sarah, who met in a rainy playground and kept each other sane for the months that followed. They then found out that 80 per cent of new mums feel lonely. They had no tech experience but decided to find out how to set up an app to help mums to meet.