Mugstock festival will be an adventure for the whole family

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The organisers of a new music festival in Mugdock Country Park want it to be an adventure festival as well.

The three day Mugstock Music festival, which is planned to run from Friday, August 7 until Sunday 9, is still in the planning stage, but events co-ordinator Alan Govan said everything is on track to make it one of the most exciting new small festivals this year.

It is hoped to attract more than 3,000 festival goers with a target audience of people in their 30s and families.

Mr Govan said: “We want it to be more than just a music festival. We want to make it an adventure festival as well, with people exploring the great facilities that Mugdock Park has to offer such as pond dipping and nature trails.”

The event will be run on a not for profit basis. To help fund the event an Indie GoGo crowd funding internet campaign will be launched at the end of the month. This website will offer sponsors and anyone else interested in helping out the opportunity to get involved for a donation. A facebook page has also been set up to keep people informed. It is at