Muddy skate park’s no fun

Jim Gibbons Lennox Park Skatepark
Jim Gibbons Lennox Park Skatepark

CALLS have been made to clean up a skate-park after drains became blocked leading to flooding.

The popular play area near Lennox Park, Milngavie has been a mecca for youngsters on bicycles and skateboards, but has been neglected over the last couple of years.

Matters have got worse following this winter’s storms with leaves blocking drains and the chutes and ramps becoming dirty and slippery.


Park cyclists John Shaw (14) and his cousin Josh Young (12), both from Milngavie, are fed up with the state of it and recently contacted their councillor, Jim Gibbons, to get something done about it.

John, a pupil at Douglas Academy, said: “Basically the park is a mess and all grimy. It looks more like a pond.

“Jim said the drain is blocked and we want the council to unblock it. The puddle has been there that long that when the water drains away the mud is still there.”

Councillor Gibbons said: “I am glad the boys felt confident enough to approach their local councillor. I have asked the department responsible for the maintenance of the park and I expect the drain to be unblocked, and the chute to be inspected and repaired as soon as the supplier can provide the replacement parts.

“The parents and children who raised the money to pay for the play equipment were told that the council would maintain the facility for future generations of children to enjoy.”

There was no response from the council when the Herald went to press.