MSP hits back at student’s claims

Gil Paterson
Gil Paterson

AN MSP has slammed the Labour Party for comments published in the Milngavie and Bearsden Herald which accused the SNP of making cuts to Higher education.

Gil Paterson said the story about a Bearsden business student’s online petition, which alleges the SNP has made cuts to Higher education, was “inaccurate and blatant propaganda”.

Mr Paterson claims Eunis Jassemi is a youth communications officer for Strathkelvin and Bearsden Labour Party and was indulging in electioneering, and the petition was giving false information to young people who may be dissuaded from going to college because of its misinformation.

The MSP said: “The Scottish Government exceeded its target over the last three years by maintaining the number of full-time students and the uptake in courses is greater than ever.

“The number of 16 to 24-year-olds at college full-time is at a record high and there has been an increase in students successfully completing full-time courses.

“Capital spending on building colleges is also at an all-time high, despite drastic cuts to the Scottish budget from Westminster.

“College principals are delighted with the choice and quality of courses being offered. Estimates also show that one full-time further education student was equivalent to approximately 140 carrying out shorter courses that do not lead to a job.

“Further education has always been the flagship of the Scottish Government and we have abolished tuition fees, making it available to everyone regardless of their background.

“Mr Jassemi has an eye to next year’s Holyrood election and by disseminating false information it shows just how desperate the Labour Party is as their support hits an all-time low.”