MSP Gil thanks voters but slams media

Gil Paterson
Gil Paterson

Milngavie MSP Gil Paterson has praised the people of East Dunbartonshire who voted Yes in the referendum.

Of the 91per cent of people who turned out to vote last week, 39 per cent voted Yes.

Mr Paterson said he was glad that these people in the constituency weren’t scared and intimidated by banks, big businesses and the Tory bosses of London-controlled companies.

He said: “They saw through the lies and refused to be intimidated into voting No.

“Many people I know were threatened with losing their jobs if they voted Yes.

“The scare tactics, promoted by the BBC and every national newspaper bar one throughout Britain, had a catastrophic effect on the majority of people in Scotland.

“The local papers, on the other hand, were exemplary in their fair and unbiased reporting and must be congratulated

“The national media conduct was more akin to living in Soviet Russia or North Korea and I hope that there will now be an investigation into how this was allowed to happen.”

He continued: “Notwithstanding all of that, I thank the people in my constituency who voted Yes and the many campaigners for all their hard work.”