MSP Fiona calls for ban on ‘flirting’ dummies

CALLS have been made for the banning of controversial ‘sexual’ baby dummies from high street stores.

Bearsden MSP Fiona McLeod says she was shocked to learn that Tesco and Boots are selling kids’ pacifiers with slogans like ‘flirt’ written on them.

She has now written to the companies, and MAM UK, the dummies’ Middlesex-based manufacturers, demanding they be withdrawn from shelves.

The MSP said: “There is nothing cute or funny about the sexualisation of children and babies.

“These slogans are maybe only designed to raise a smile but it is fundamentally wrong for any company to try and cash in on the cheap exploitation of our future generations and exposing them in such a manner.

“The safety and wellbeing of all our children in Scotland is paramount to the nation’s future and must take precedence over any means of any short term profits for a few.

“I understand the times we are living in and I am a very open minded person but the safety of our children is sacrosanct.

“The manufacturers should not be making these dummies and our high street shop should most certainly not be selling them.”

She said she is still to receive a reply to her letter - and there were no sign of the dodgy dummies on sale in Boots and Tesco in Milngavie this week.

Tesco said it stopped ordering the dummies, designed for babies aged six months and older, in June but some may still be on sale. A spokeswoman added: “We’re sorry if this product has caused any offence.”

MAM UK said they have now axed the product after receiving complaints that they were “inappropriate”.