MSP: Bedroom Tax must go - along with the Union

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The Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee has issued a call for the Westminster Government to abolish the Bedroom Tax or to give the necessary powers to the Scottish Parliament to do so.

The cross-party Committee found that the Bedroom Tax, which affects 400 families throughout East Dunbartonshire, is “iniquitous and inhumane and may well breach their human rights”.

Milngavie MSP Gil Paterson has welcomed this decision and says it underlines the need for a Yes vote in September’s independence referendum.

He said: “The Committee’s decision to back the SNP Government’s call to abolish this disgraceful tax is indeed welcome, but it can only be achieved if Scotland is independent of Westminster.

“I believe we should have the power right now to abolish this tax which is causing misery to so many people, but until we achieve a Yes vote this will not happen.

“Although Labour have backed us on this issue, can you imagine the Tories abolishing the tax if we are still ruled by Westminster? I think not.”

Around 82,000 households in Scotland have been affected by Westminster’s unfair Bedroom Tax – 80 per cent of which include a disabled adult and 15,500 of which consist of families with children.

Mr Paterson added: “By taking responsibility for our own tax and welfare decisions we will be able to build the fairer, more prosperous Scotland that we all want to live in.”