MP Swinson welcomes post office funding

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East Dunbartonshire MP and Post Office Minister Jo Swinson has announced an additional £640million in funding to March 2018 for the Post Office Network.

The cash will speed up and complete the modernisation of the ntwork and for the first time ever will also be made available to maintain smaller post offices who play a vital role in the community but who may not be suitable for the modernisation programme.

Ms Swinson said: “The £640 million in additional funding on top of the £1.34billion already pledged ensures the Post Office Network will maintain its 11,500 branches while bringing huge benefits to customers.

“The increased investment will continue to build on the success of the Post Office modernisation programme which is already well underway.

“In our local area residents have appreciated longer opening hours and a more attractive layout thanks to the modernisation of the Milngavie and Bearsden branches.”