Motorists urged to kill their speed on Mugdock Road, Milngavie, not a child

Photo Emma Mitchell 7.10.15'Mugdock Road, Glasgow Academy Milngavie
Photo Emma Mitchell 7.10.15'Mugdock Road, Glasgow Academy Milngavie

A worried grandmother is calling for urgent action to be taken to deal with speeding motorists on Mugdock Road, Milngavie.

Jean Macmillan is concerned that a serious accident will happen on the road before something is done about the speed of traffic.

She regularly collects her grandson from Glasgow Academy Milngavie on Mugdock Road and says she recently witnessed a narrowly avoided horrific accident.

She said: “A small child crossed the road to get something he had dropped and with nothing short of a miracle the traffic coming both ways was able to stop and avoid him.

“There is a great deal of parking and a lot of parents and children around at school times which means that motorists need to take great care and reduce their speed as their vision in many cases is severely restricted.

“This situation needs to be monitored, particularly at school times. The speed of traffic is generaly much too fast.”

Grace Irvine, director of East Dunbartonshire Council’s neighbourhood services said: “Road safety is very important to us and we thank Mrs Macmillan for bringing her concerns to our attention.

“There is a 20 mph speed limit on this part of Mugdock Road when the amber lights are flashing at the start and end of the school day as well as at lunchtime.

“Previous surveys have shown that drivers do take heed of these limits, however we will carry out another survey to make sure this is stillthe case.

“There are also ‘School Keep Clear’ markings at the school entrance for drivers to see if children are crossing the road. We will also inspect the surrounding vegetation to ensure the warning signs are clear for drivers to see.”

Malcolm McNaught, external relations director at Glasgow Academy said: “Like all schools in East Dunbartonshire, we teach the children the importance of road safety, following the principles of East Dunbarton’s Junior Road Safety Programme. While the usual flashing warning signs are clearly displayed to road users, it may be that some additional traffic-calming measures are appropriate, though of course that decision lies with the local authority.”