Motorists seeing red on Milngavie Road

Milngavie Road A81.
Milngavie Road A81.

A Milngavie motorist says something needs to be done about aggressive cyclists on the new Milngavie Road who refuse to use the cycle lane.

The 30-year-old drives along the A81 Milngavie Road every day and says he regularly gets delayed by cyclists who choose to use the road instead of the new lanes.

He said: “The new road layout has resulted in the lanes becoming very narrow for cars so there is no room to overtake a cyclist.

“There should be no need to overtake them anyway because they should be on the cycle lane. On several occasions I have seen cyclists bang on the side of a passing car because they are unhappy about the car passing them.

“If a motorist got out of their car and banged on a cyclists’ bike would they be committing a crime?

“I suspect they would, so why do cyclists get away with this behaviour?

“Cyclists seem to have a sense of entitlement on the road.

“I wouldn’t drive in a cycle lane so why is it OK for them to use the road?”

He has installed a camera on the dashboard of his car to record cyclist’s behaviour on the road.

He added: “They are causing a danger to themselves and motorists and I am absolutely fed up with it.

“There has to be repercussions for cyclists, just as there are for motorists.

“I want to see the police take more action against cyclists who are causing danger as I have never seen one pulled over.”

Just a few weeks ago The Milngavie and Bearsden Herald told how one cyclist had been spat at and verbally abused by passing motorists because he was using the road.

The local man had chosen not to use the new lanes because he says they are badly designed and unsafe.

A spokesperson from Kirkintilloch police office said: “We are aware of the concerns that this man has raised and we urge members of the public to report those concerns on 101 if they believe any road users are committing an offence that they deem to be dangerous or careless.”

Thomas Glen, director of development and regeneration at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “The Bears Way project aims to make the A81 safer for people to travel by any mode and to encourage greater Active Travel.

“The cycleway is intended for use by all cyclists - regardless of their experience - however, cyclists are fully entitled by law to use the main road carriageway, as are other road users.

“Any unacceptable or dangerous behaviour by any road user should be reported immediately to Police Scotland so that we can act upon it.”