Motorists hit out over loss of parking spaces

Thorn Road Bearsden
Thorn Road Bearsden

Plans to introduce parking restrictions on two streets near busy Bearsden train station have been slammed by motorists.

Joe Tosh from Golf View is angry that the council wants to prevent people from parking their cars on a stretch of 359 metres of roadway in Collylinn and Thorn roads.

He said: “There’s such a shortage of parking already in the area and this is just going to make matters worse.

“They are proposing to ban waiting on these streets at any time and impose loading restrictions.

“We will lose about 40 car parking spaces - quite a significant loss.

“What happens if people are trying to park to go to the nearby GP surgery?

“It will be almost impossible to park anywhere nearby.

“This policy just seems a bit extreme to me and I’d like to encourage people to object if they agree with me - we have until Friday, August 15 to make our views known.”

Thomas Glen, director of development and regeneration at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “The proposed parking restrictions are primarily aimed at increasing safety - both for pedestrians and motorists.

“Parking was previously raised as a safety issue and the area visited several times by council officers.

“During these visits inconsiderate parking was noted to present an immediate hazard to Bearsden Primary School pupils.

“The roads are narrow and, as such, the parked cars result in oncoming traffic having to mount the pavements in order to pass, again presenting a safety hazard.

“Officers discussed the issues with local residents and worked with them to identify a solution.

“The proposed changes, although primarily for safety, also encourage parking away from the ‘school gate’ and support Active Travel initiatives.”

However, Mr Tosh is concerned that the council’s notice for this proposal was posted on to lampposts just as the school summer holiday began and that most road users who will be affected will not have seen it in time to object.

Mr Tosh added: “We should have been involved in a consultation on these proposals.

“Additional parking restrictions may be necessary but I don’t think they need to be as extensive as this.”