Mineshaft concern for fracking in Bearsden

Anti-fracking campaign
Anti-fracking campaign

A woman who is building a house in Bearsden believes that the area should be exempt from fracking because of old mineshafts.

Debra Torrance, who is currently seeking planning permission for an underground home in Gartconnell Drive in an old unused air traffic beacon, discovered that the area has many old mineshafts when she had an underground land survey carried out.

Debra said: “I hadn’t considered this until I started to plan building my house.

“I think the prospect of fracking is quite scary when we have the possibility of solar or hydro power instead of injecting the earth with poison.

“In areas where there are old mineshafts fracking could cause houses to sink.

“I’m sure there are old mineshafts in Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs as well so these areas would be at risk too.

“I think fracking is an absurd idea – do we really want to be driving behind articulated lorries filled with chemicals on the school run?

“It’s dangerous and not worth the risks.

“We need the council to carry out an environmental and health impact study before we go ahead with this.

“Fracking would only provide a short term economic boost but it’s more likely to line the pockets of energy companies at huge cost to our health and environment.

“We should be using other forms of energy which are more sustainable. There are many other ways that we can supplement energy demand such as geothermal heating.”

Thomas Glen, director of EDC’s development and regeneration, said: “During the review of National Planning Framework (NPF3) and Scottish Planning Policy (SPP), both of which were reported to the council’s development and regeneration committee in August 2013, the committee noted that the Scottish Government would be aware that there is widespread public concern about the potential impact of fracking on both the environment and human health.

“Until such technology has been further examined and tested, the council is likely to resist proposals which impact on East Dunbartonshire and we have received no enquiries or planning applications for this type of development.”