Milngavie poet hopes to publish his work

Ian Black poet
Ian Black poet

HE’S a poet but he didn’t know it until he fell in love.

Inspiration struck Milngavie writer Ian Black when he was only 14-years-old and smitten with a local girl.

The 20-year-old had previously not even read a poem and had no interest in literature but when his emotions began to flow - so did the material for his poetry.

Ian from Corbie Place, Mains Estate in Milngavie, said: “It’s a bit a cliche to start writing poetry when you fall in love but I had so many feelings that I had to put pen to paper.

“When you are young you fall spectacularly in love.

“My poems were very honest and I showed them to my girlfriend at the time.

“She loved that she has been immortalised in my writing.”

Sadly their romance ended but Ian’s poems continued to flow and he even started reading work by other poets such as Byron, Yeats, Auden and Kipling.

His favourite author is Yeats and he has recorded videos of himself reading some of his work, as well as his own, and posted them on to You Tube. Some of his clips have had a few hundred hits and his online following includes people from the UK, Washington, Ontario, Ireland, Australia, Wisconsin, Maryland, Singapore, New York, Ohio, Kentucky, Minesota, Korea, Illinois, British Columbia, Maine, Michigan, California, France, North Carolina, Bulgaria and Saudi Arabia.

Ian is now in his second year at Strathclyde University studying for a degree in English Literature.

He has now penned over 900 poems in six years and he self published a collection which sold about 12 copies now he would love to find a publisher for his work.

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