Milngavie Pipe Band says a big ‘thank you’

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Milngavie Pipe Band has welcomed a grant which will help it fund the travel costs of getting to and from various competitions.

The band was recently given a £600 grant from local busineses of which it will use to help fund the costs of going along to compete at a number of up and coming events.

Welcoming the grant honorary president Hector Cruickshank, said: “We are really grateful to the business community for making this grant to us.

“The cost of travelling to different venues is getting increasingly expensive and all the help we can get is welcome.”

Mr Cruickshank insists members of the band have no trouble when the competitions are held nearby.

However, when travelling further afield, the cost of hiring a coach can often prove to be a very expensive stumbling block.

He said: “We had to cancel a trip earlier this year up to Forres because it was 
prohibitively expensive and this £600 will really help as we have a couple of competitions coming up.”

The next major competition is The Scottish Championships at Levengrove Park, Dumbarton on July 26, which will not be too costly as members will be able to take their own cars.

However, the World Piping Championships set for the middle of August at Glasgow Green will be a different story.

Mr Cruickshank added: “We will need to hire a coach because parking will be difficult and we will all need to arrive together.

“Also a coach will be essential if it rains as we will need somewhere to store our equipment.”

Recently the band moved up a grade and will be competing in the 3A category.

Mr Cruickshank has been a stalwart in the band for almost 50 years and has been chosen to carry the Queen’s Baton through Milngavie this weekend.