Milngavie park spoiled by vandals

Jura Lennox Park
Jura Lennox Park

VandaLS are spoiling a popular Milngavie park by leaving it covered in broken glass and other carry out debris.

Boozy yobs are leaving smashed up bottles in the town’s Lennox Park - making it hazardous for dog walkers and children.

Recently, Milngavie woman Georgina Booth’s dog Jura was being walked in the green space when it stepped on glass - leaving the 15 month old Labrador in pain and badly cut.

Georgina said: “Jura enjoys the freedom of open ground on the banks of the Allander river in Lennox Park and was being walked there by my husband, but she ended up as an emergency admission to the vet in Milngavie where she needed surgery under general anaesthetic to repair the damage to her paw.

“The park is now a no-go area for her. The football pitches and pathways are frequently strewn with broken glass. The youngsters responsible for this wanton vandalism care little for other park users.

“They consume alcohol illegally and take pleasure in smashing the empty bottles on the goal posts and pathways. I would dread to think of some little child suffering the pain and misery that Jura has had to endure.

“I would encourage everyone to report the incidences of bad behaviour and under-age drinking in our park and hopefully everyone can all play safely this summer.”

An East Dunbartonshire Council spokeswoman said: “Lennox Park is tidied every Monday when a squad of workers empty litter and dog waste bins and collect litter that is lying around. This includes tidying up any broken glass. The squad visits again on a Friday to ensure the park is clean and tidy for the weekend.

“Not everyone who uses the park treats it with respect and between visits, litter gathers. If anyone visiting a park is concerned that broken glass has accumulated and is dangerous they should call the Council’s Customer Contact Centre on 0300 123 4510 to report it and we will respond.”