Milngavie mum’s car written off by criminals

The red Audi that was stolen.
The red Audi that was stolen.

The police found the car that was stolen from a Milngavie mum recently - but it was so badly damaged by the thieves that it’s been written off.

The red, sline black edition Audi A4, was stolen from the driveway of a home in the Mains Estate area of Milngavie on Thursday, October 6.

Police officers found the car abandoned in at 2.25am Summerston, Glasgow on Friday, October 14 however the owner has now been told that her car, which was her pride and joy, has sustained £14,000 worth of damage.

She says the thieves left alcohol and personal belongings along with false number plates, which have all been siezed by the police.

She said: “The police tried to pull the car over and they raced away along Maryhill, hit a lampost in Sandbank Street at the flats and then dumped the car in Sunningdale Road. The police lost the car so they must have been going very fast.”

Police officers are currently investigating.

The mum now says she is too scared to sleep in her own house at night because is worried that the criminals may return. They broke the lock on her living room window to take her car keys and house keys which were on the window ledge.