Milngavie minister brings hope to blighted lives

Tony Sargent 1
Tony Sargent 1

GLOBE-TROTTING Tony Sargent has revealed plans to build another orphanage in mid-India.

The big-hearted, fund-raising minister’s move follows visits to Turkey and Pakistan.

And he declared: “The orphanage is needed as the group has 23,000 poor children on its books.”

Rev Dr Sargent lived in Milngavie for 12 years and was Principal of the International Christian College.

Now his charity work cares for children in Calcutta and elsewhere in the sub-continent.

And he said: “We are in the process of constructing a school for around 500 poor kids in central Nairobi.

“It is alongside a church of which I am Honorary Pastor and has over 2,000 people in its third congregation on a Sunday.

“The kids are from a poor background in an area which happily is being transformed from a slum. It is surrounded by refugees from Somalia.

“We have built another school in the outback at a place called Mwingi.

“We were told that there was no hope of finding any water at the site but decided to do our own exploration. We found it at 120 feet.

“Now the school has a hope of self-sufficiency, with the right initiative, by growing its own crops and the possibility of even keeping some livestock.”

Rev Dr Sergent, pictured above and below on previous missions, has also been in Turkey. He added: “I flew to the Iranian border to see the wife of my previous interpreter.

“Her husband has served nearly a year in solitary and is into his second of a six year sentence – his only charge was converting to Christianity.

“One of the groups of Iranians that I teach has distributed some 30,000 copies of the New Testament. We have printed more than a million in the last three years.

“I also flew into Nairobi to speak at a Minister’s conference and also to arrange for an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree to be conferred on former Kenyan President Daniel Moi who is a close friend.”

Overall, he claims the situation for children worldwide is worsening.

He said: “I was at the launch of an Indian based Stop Sexual Slavery movement.

“Over one million youngsters, it is conservatively estimated, are trafficked in Asia each year.

“Something like one in four children in Namibia is orphaned, AIDS often being the cause.

“India has now overtaken the whole of Africa in AIDS related problems. Last year I preached at the dedication of our second hospital in Bombay – the first is now completely given over to AIDS treatment.

“The wife of a prominent minister showed me round our incomplete but functioning school buildings in Nairobi.

“The kids were thronging round me. Directing her comments to me, but with so many more people helping to justify her remark, she said: ‘When the children see you they have hope.’”