Milngavie man warns of scam phone calls

A Milngavie man is warning residents to be vigilant after he received a SECOND scam phone call in just over five months.

Alan Smith took a scam phone call last October from a man claiming to be from his credit card company.

But this time a man, who claimed to be from his bank, said he’d noticed that Alan wasn’t getting a good rate of interest on his account.

Mr Smith said: “He asked me to verify my details so that my account could be swapped to one with a higher rate of interest.

“He said he was phoning from The Bank of Scotland but I don’t have an account with them. When I told him that I knew he was a fake he slammed the phone down.”

Diane Campbell, East Dunbartonshire Council’s director of governance and regulation, said: “Our best advice to all consumers is to be vigilant in relation to calls of this nature.

“If you receive cold calls from anyone that you do not know, never divulge any personal or banking details. No bank would cold call their customers and expect to obtain any personal information.

“If the call appears to be urgent, then advise them that you will call them back. Find contact details for the organisation from previous bills, letters or another trusted source. Do not use any number they give you.

“When you call the organisation back you must be sure that you have a dialling tone on the phone before dialling the number, as scam callers have been known not to hang up the phone at their end and they are still on the line when you try to dial the genuine company. Personal information should never be given to anyone who has cold called you whether this is on the telephone or on your doorstep.

“If you are receiving a large number of scam or nuisance phone calls you should contact our Trading Standards Department on 0141 578 8813 to see if you qualify for a free trial of technology that can eliminate these calls.

“East Dunbartonshire Trading Standards team have conducted a pilot study using this technology and it has shown to be 98 per cent effective in eliminating nuisance phone calls.”