Milngavie is ‘different’

Photo by Emma Mitchell 11.01.16'Milngavie Precinct.
Photo by Emma Mitchell 11.01.16'Milngavie Precinct.

Sir, – Like Eve G​il​more (letters December 21, 2017), I attended a meeting about the proposed new hub in Milngavie.

The meeting was poorly managed and unsatisfactory in many ways.

It concentrated on ​ideas​​ for a new building ​involving several organisations ​which would have to be built well away from the pedestrian precinct when what we need is an EDC office in the precinct plus a public toilet, also in the precinct.

I have long felt that EDC does not understand that Milngavie is different from all the other settlements in East Dunbartontonshire in two important respects; that it has a pedestrian precinct and that it has a major tourist attraction in the West Highland Way.

I suspect that Milngavie has more tourists, including many from abroad, than all the rest of East Dunbarton​shire​ put together!

What must they think about the lack of facilitiies at the start of the Way? – Yours etc.,

Ian​ Pascoe

via email.