Milngavie firefighters to the rescue

FIREFIGHTERS from Milngavie station battled a fierce blaze at a warehouse in Paisley just a few days after Christmas.

Strathclyde Fire and Rescue received a number of calls from the public at 3.30am on Friday, December 28 about a fire in the Clark Street warehouse and crews from Paisley fire station were there within minutes.

Flames were bellowing from the roof of the large commercial building when they arrived and the incident commander requested additional support after he was informed that there may be a person in an adjacent property, which was also at risk of catching fire.

Additional firefighters from Milngavie, Clydebank, Johnstone and Renfrew, attended and once they were inside they discovered cylinders which contained acetylene, which can explode violently if they get hot.

Due to the danger they posed firefighters were forced to get out of the building, but they continued to extinguish the remaining pockets of fire externally using main jets and large bore ground monitors.

And after a thorough search of the other building they didn’t find anyone.

Duty media liaison officer, Richard Duncan, said: “At the height of the blaze 30 firefighters were involved in bringing the incident to a safe conclusion.

“Due to the risk of the acetylene cylinders exploding an initial 200 metre cordon was put in place for the safety of the public and the nearby main railway line serving Paisley Gilmour Street was closed. Clark Street was also shut to allow firefighters to deal with the incident.

“The crews immediately used large amounts of water to cool the acetylene cylinders and their quick actions meant that the main railway line was re-opened at 5.21am the same morning so that train commuters were not affected.”

A joint investigation into the cause of the fire is now being carried out by Strathclyde fire and rescue incident research and investigation section (IRIS) and Strathclyde police.