Milngavie comes alive with week long festival

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The community of Milngavie came together to hold its Milngavie Alive Week recently which was given a big thumbs up from everyone involved.

There was something for everyone from mountain biking to head massages; with the archery and cycling in Lennox Park proving very popular activities running through the week.

The fun kicked off on Monday, July 14, and culminated in the Queen’s Baton passing through the town the following Saturday.

Other activities which attracted the crowds were a jazz evening on Wednesday which played to 200 people in the town hall, Mexican Marichi band in the precinct and magician and puppet performers which got the young children involved.

Gordon McCorkindale, chairperson of Milngavie Youth Centre said: “There were many different highlights for everyone and it would be good to hold something like this again - although it will not be as large as this year. On Saturday the town centre was so very busy that it was impossible to walk from one side of the precinct to the other.

“Personally I think the highlight was between the jazz on Wednesday night and the big lunch we put on at the Milngavie Youth Centre on Saturday for members of the local community.”

Unfortunately not everything went as planned. Despite the rain on Saturday, there was not enough water for the duck race to take places in its usual spot, so a smaller race was held further down stream.

But judging by the happy face-painted youngsters, there was not too much disappointment.