Milngavie choir ‘rocked’ in Liverpool

Jennifer Sim with Fran & Kirsty Grimshaw Rock Choir
Jennifer Sim with Fran & Kirsty Grimshaw Rock Choir

Members of Milngavie Rock Choir travelled to Liverpool recently to perform in their biggest performance yet in the prestigious Echo Arena.

They joined more than 5,000 fellow ‘Rockies’ for the unique concert and their local Rock Choir leader Jennifer Sim prepared them for the extraordinary feelgood show, and she was thrilled to see them waving banners and singing their hearts out.

She said: “We worked really hard preparing for this fantastic event and it was all worth it. I’m so proud of everyone and it was great to see our flags and banners flying.

“Being able to sing with thousands of other Rock Choir members from across the country in such a huge and iconic arena was hugely uplifting and inspiring. The sound was just incredible.”

The adult members were joined by youngsters from Glasgow’s Teen Rock Choir, including 11-year-old Kirsty Grimshaw from Bearsden.

Her mum Fran, who is a member of Milngavie Rock Choir member, said: “Kirsty and I had a fabulous time. The atmosphere was amazing and it was really moving to witness thousands of people all singing together. We were also lucky enough to go to the 02 show in London as Kirsty was singing on stage with the Teen Rock Choir. It was incredible as there were over 16,000 people there. I was so proud of my daughter as she sang on stage - and they got a standing ovation!”

Rock Choir is the UK’s largest and most popular contemporary choir, with more than 16,000 members in over 250 communities. Its award-winning founder and director Caroline Redman Lusher and her team spent months planning ‘Rock Choir Live!’ which brought together choir members from across the north of England and Scotland.

Jennifer is taking a well-earned break over the summer and her weekly sessions resume in September. With lots of exciting shows in the pipeline she needs more local people to join. To book a free taster session at any of Rock Choir’s locations or to find out more visit or phone 01252 714 276.