Milngavie choir members get set to rock Liverpool

MEMBERS of Milngavie’s Rock Choir are gearing up to take part in an en-masse performance at Liverpool’s Echo Arena on June 29 next year.

The leader, Jennifer Sim, said: “Rock Choir now has more than 16,000 members across the UK, so it was a challenge to find a venue big enough. In fact we’ve also booked the O2 Arena in London for a performance by choirs further south.

“Members will be learning a repertoire of songs from artists such as Adele, Annie Lennox, the Bee Gees, Rihanna, Tina Turner and ABBA. Everyone gets to take part in the Echo Arena concert, including any new members who join between now and June. We also have lots more exciting shows and events planned in the local community.

“We’ve already helped raised over £350,000 for charity this year and hopefully our new performances and events will raise even more.

“As well as helping to improve your singing voice and health, being in Rock Choir is a great way of having fun and making new friends and to enjoy some pretty amazing experiences. If you love singing, Rock Choir is THE choir to be part of.”

Rehearsals start on Monday (September 17). To book a free taster session with Rock Choir visit or phone 01252 714 276.