Milngavie baker’s Buckfast cake is turning heads

Buckfast bottle cake
Buckfast bottle cake

A talented baker has been getting five star reviews for her imaginative cakes which include a gravity defying

bottle of Irn Bru being poured.

Alex Kidd (21) from Milngavie has wowed the public with her clever creations which also include an edible Ibrox stadium for a Rangers fan, a tartan bagpipe, a deer and a Louis Vuitton bag shaped cake for a 21st birthday.

Alex’s business, For Cakes Sake, has been getting five-star reviews on her Facebook page.

Her Irn Bru pouring cake has attracted a lot of attention, with lots of people admiring it.

One fan said: “What a fabulous work of art!”

Another added: “That is amazing”, while other praised her attention to detail and her ability to match the colour of Irn Bru so well.

The lemon sponge is covered in bright orange icing, handpainted by Alex, and made to look like Irn Bru is being poured from a can onto the cake.

It contains swiss meringue buttercream, which Alex explained takes longer to make but creates a lighter, less sweet filling.

One person who saw the Irn Bru cake asked her to create the same thing for her 30th birthday - but with a bottle of Buckfast instead.

Alex, a former Douglas Academy pupil, started baking with her grandmother Janet Kidd when she was just four years old.

She said: “I loved baking with my gran at the weekend when I was a little girl.

“She taught me how to bake after Sunday School - she’s a fabulous baker and has been a real inspiration to me.

“She is very proud of me and shows all her friends photos of the cakes I make.”

Alex loved art at school so she says making these elaborate cakes allows her to use her artistic skills.

When she was 20 years old she had the opportunity to do an internship for five moths at a bakery in Canada, which she thoroughly enjoyed and she says she learned a lot from the experience.

Alex says this really helped her when she came back to Scotland and she put a lot of what she had learned into practice.

Now she works full time for the Department of Work and Pensions so she fits baking into her busy schedule by doing it in the evenings from 5pm until 11pm and on Saturday mornings.

She added: “I find baking very relaxing so it doesn’t really feel like work for me - it’s my downtime.

“I’ve been encouraged by all the good feedback I’ve been getting and my dream is to do this full time one day.”

Alex hopes to be self-employed one day selling her cakes and perhaps running a small bakery to allow people to taste her cakes along with a cup of tea.

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