Milngavie actress Natalia is hoping LA trip will be her big break

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An actress and film producer from Milngavie is hoping to carve out a movie career in the US after a successful trip to Los Angeles.

Natalia Celino (31), who has starred in a number of horror films in the UK, spent just over two weeks in the movie making state and was overjoyed to be sent a script after her return.

Natalia met as many of the casting directors as she could at the industry’s annual pilot season - a period of a few months where directors cast for many of the American series on TV and films.

The former Douglas Academy pupil said: “I didn’t expect anything to come of this trip, or even the next one, but two days after getting home I opened my email to a script.

“It seems a director called Shuja Paul wants me for his film. It’s called Supper Time and is a thriller based around a cannibal village, very much like From Dusk till Dawn.

“ I couldn’t believe it. It just goes to prove that if you want something that bad and do all you can, then things can happen.”

Natalia added: “I’m waiting on a date from production to fly out to Louisiana to start filming, before heading back to LA in September.

“I feel this is my big break. For them to fly me out to Louisiana free of charge shows me that they really want me in their film.”

While in LA Natalia also had an audition with casting director Lisa Beach, who has cast films such as, Were The Millers, Identity Thief, Horrible Bosses and Walk the Line.

Natalia added: “I wasn’t very nervous as I knew my lines inside out. I got amazing feedback from her and loved every minute of it.”

Now back in Scotland, Natalia is currently working on another horror zombie film in Dunfermline called Plan Z.