Millions to be spent on improving roads in Milngavie and Bearsden

MORE than £7million is to be spent over the coming year to improve East Dunbartonshire’s 500km network of roads.

A report outlining exactly where the £7.295m budget is to be invested was agreed by councillors at a recent Development & Infrastructure Committee.

The funding, an increase of 18 per cent on last year’s figure, will be targeted to resurface roads and paths, improve street lighting, strengthen bridges, upgrade traffic signals and signs and carry out drainage improvement works.

David Devine, Head of Roads & Neighbourhood Services at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “This investment package represents a continued and sustained investment in East Dunbartonshire’s roads which has seen us achieve improved performance standards and rise up the national rankings.

“When rankings were last reported nationally at the end of last year, East Dunbartonshire’s ranking was seen to have continued to improve from 29th to 23rd over recent years.

“Like all Councils, East Dunbartonshire is faced with the challenge of coping with potholes as successive harsh winters across the UK have taken their toll on the country’s roads. The combination of freezing conditions and tonnes of salt being deposited on road surfaces leads to more potholes.

“Our programme of works is set out in advance on a priority basis in tackling all parts of the network. However, as well as sticking to that very important proactive plan, we aim to be flexible and reactive to ensure that defects, like potholes are repaired as quickly.

“With the worst of the wintry weather hopefully behind us, we have launched our Pothole Action Plan for the extensive repair of potholes in towns and villages across East Dunbartonshire.

“This will complement our capital investment programme with the end result being that local people should start to see further improvements as they drive throughout the area.”

Some of the bigger resurfacing projects lined up for this year include £141,000 being spent on Westbourne Drive in Bearsden and £84,000 being spent on Crawford Road in Milngavie.

Street lighting improvement projects in the plan include £39,000 spent in Thompson Drive in Bearsden and £25,000 on Keystone in Milngavie.

It was also agreed to spend £40,000 on improving footpaths in Bearsden’s

Roads and footpaths in cemeteries and parks will also be improved including New Kilpatrick Cemetery in Bearsden and £25,000 on paths in Lennox Park in Milngavie.

In addition, £90,000 will be spent on improving drainage on Stockiemuir Road in Milngavie.

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