Meningitis warning as schools return

PARENTS in Milngavie and Bearsden are being warned their children are at risk of deadly brain bug meningitis as they return to school – even if they have been vaccinated.

Meningitis UK is stressing the importance of spotting symptoms as there is still no vaccine to guard against the most common and one of the most deadly forms – meningitis B.

Although successful innoculations exist against some strains, children are still at risk from this disease which can kill in under four hours.

The close confines of the classroom provide the perfect breeding ground for germs.

Parents should watch out for headache, stiff neck and a dislike of bright light, difficulty supporting their own weight, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, confusion and drowsiness.

Meningitis can cause blood poisoning, called septicemia, the symptoms of which include aching limbs, cold hands and feet and a rash.

As well as ensuring their children have been vaccinated, the charity also stresses the importance of making sure youngsters receive booster shots to reduce the risk of infection.

Meningitis UK is offering parents free symptom information packs.

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