Meetings about Baldernock P.S

The second pre-consultation meeting to discuss the council’s proposals for Baldernock Primary School is going to be held on Wednesday, March 25.

This is part of a series of workshops being held by East Dunbartonshire Council for parents and local people to find out more about the proposal to merge Baldernock Primary with Torrance Primary in Torrance.

Baldernock Parent Council and Baldernock Community Council wrote to the council at the end of February to express their concerns about the pre-consultation timescales.

As a result of this the council agreed to re-arrange the timescale for pre-consultation on proposals to merge the primary schools.

Rona Hamilton, chair of Baldernock Parent Council, said: “We are pleased that the council has realised that their proposals did not give the community sufficient time to consider options for the future of baldernock primary School.”

The next meeting on Wednesday, March 25, is at 6.30pm in Baldernock Primary School, with the folowing meeting later in May.

Councillor Rhondda Geekie, East Dunbartonshire Council leader, said: “We recognise and understand the role our primary schools have within their local community and therefore the impact of any proposed changes. That’s why we’re committed to developing proposals in partnership with the school community and the wider local community.

“I would encourage all those who have an interest in Baldernock Primary to come along to one of the workshops and share their views.”