Meet the Sumdog millionaires!

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Buchanan Primary was recently involved in a regional Sumdog maths competition which allows pupils of all ages to improve their skills.

Primary 7 pupil Robert Townsend said: “When we were told we were entering a Sumdog competition I thought we would wind up sixth or seventh place again but then we were told we were in first place!

“We all wanted to keep that position so we started going full steam ahead.

“Our confidence began to break when we started seeing another school moving up the leader board but then they stopped in sixth place.

“Soon we spotted another rival school in second – I thought they would pull the rabbit out of the hat at the last moment.

“Luckily at around 7pm on January 2 of my sister ran up to me and said “We Won!” The whole school was ecstatic and really proud of our achievement!”