Man pleads guilty to attempted murder

THE brother of two murderers drove his car at a key witness who helped convict them, a court was told last Friday.

At the High Court in Glasgow Kris Malavin (27) admitted attempting to murder James McGregor in Maryhill Road, Glasgow, on January 17.

Malavin, who was driving a silver Audi A3 in which his brother Zico Malavin (19) was a passenger, saw Mr McGregor standing at a bus stop at around 9pm.

Malavin performed a u-turn and Zico Malavin got out the car and exchanged words with 54-year-old Mr McGregor who ran away from him into the road.

Advocate depute Jennifer Bain, prosecuting, said: “As Mr McGregor entered the road he was struck by the Audi. He was thrown backwards.

He then got up and began shouting at the car driver.

“As he did this, the Audi struck him once again pinning him against a parked taxi.”

The court heard that unemployed Kris Malavin, of Kenilworth Crescent, Bearsden, then reversed the car and Mr McGregor fell onto the road.

Malavin manoeuvred his car so it was facing Mr McGregor and drove over his legs twice before driving off at speed.

Mr McGregor was lying in the road screaming in pain.

The incident was witnessed by a number of motorists and pedestrians who were in the area.

The court was told that the background to the murder bid is a long running and on-going feud between the Malavin family and the Curran family.

In 2010 Mr McGregor was a key witness in the murder trial of brothers Angus and Zac Malavin who were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Mr McGregor was a close friend of the murder victim Andrew Curran.

Ms Bain said: “Since the conclusion of the trial there have been various retaliation and revenge attacks between the family groups. “

The court heard that Mr McGregor was taken to the Western Infirmary suffering from a fractured pelvis, fractured right leg, fractured hip joint and internal bleeding.

He had to have an operation to stop the bleeding and have a pin inserted in his right leg.

Mr McGregor was unable to walk for 16 weeks but is now able to walk short distances with a stick.

He has been left with a limp and will require a hip replacement in the future.

Ms Bain added: “There was insufficient evidence to calculate the speed of the Audi at impact, but the indications are of a low speed impact.”

Judge Lord Jones deferred sentence until September 22 at the High Court in Edinburgh for background reports.

Defence counsel Tony Graham said: “I shall reserve my plea in mitigation until then.

“I will only say that the quality of the attempted murder is that of wicked recklessness rather than intent to kill.”

Zico Malavin was also charged with attempted murder, but his plea of not guilty was accepted by the Crown.