Man jailed after setting fire to his own drugs factory

Police react to jail term for drugs fire man
Police react to jail term for drugs fire man

A man has been sentenced to six years and four months in jail after setting fire to his own drugs factory.

Scott Peden (30) was sentenced today (August 5) at the High Court in Glasgow after admitting culpable and reckless conduct and the production of a controlled drug.

At around 10.50pm on Monday, March 21, emergency services attended a report of an explosion and fire in Fairburn Street, in the East End of Glasgow.

Nearby residents were evacuated from flats in the area and a number of people were taken to hospital.

A total of five people were hospitalised for a number of days to receive treatment for serious injuries.

It was only afterwards that Peden’s role in the blaze became apparent.

Detective Inspector David Stewart, Shettleston CID, explained: “When emergency services attended at the scene of the incident at Fairburn Street they were faced with scenes of absolute carnage.

“There were a number of injured people at the scene following the explosion which had ripped through the front window of the tenement.

“Over 50 firefighters worked tirelessly to tackle the flames. A number of individuals required hospital treatment and a number of others were temporary evacuated to allow for the structure of the building to be assessed.

“Following a dedicated enquiry, involving specialist officers and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, it was determined that Peden had been manufacturing a concentrated cannabis derivative known as ‘Shatter’ or ‘Butane Honey Oil’.

“The dangers of this process are well documented considering the manufacturing process. Butane gas was passed over herbal cannabis in a pressurised environment. A number of other butane canisters were stored in the flat. An explosion followed as a result of his idiocy.

“I cannot emphasise enough the stupidity of his selfish actions. It borders on the miraculous that his neighbours, his friends within the flat and Peden himself were not more seriously injured, or indeed killed, as a consequence. The sentence handed down today reflects the gravity of his crimes.

“As police officers, we cannot turn back the clock and pretend that this knowledge has not been freely available online for years. The consensus amongst the cannabis community is clear – ‘Shatter’ or ‘Butane Honey Oil’ makes little to no sense for suppliers or for users looking to experiment.

“It is relatively expensive as it requires a lot of herbal cannabis to make a small amount of the substance. As this case clearly demonstrates, the manufacturing process is incredibly unstable and can often end very badly for those involved.

“Anyone who suspects or who has direct information relating to drugs manufacturing or distribution can contact Police Scotland via 101. Alternatively contact CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111 where information can be given in complete confidence.”