Making kids safer in cars

A CAMPAIGN has been carried out to help cut the number of child passenger casualty rates.

East Dunbartonshire Council, working in consultation with the Scottish Good Egg Guide In-Car Child Safety Initiative, recently ran two free clinics at the Asda stores in Bearsden and Bishopbriggs.

The event was part of the wider Scottish Good Egg Guide In-Car Child Safety Initiative.

During the two-day event a total of 37 child car seats were checked over the two clinics and of the seats checked, 12 were found to be correctly fitted and 15 incorrectly fitted.

The vast majority were minor faults for example a seat belt required tightening or the internal harness needed adjusting.

However, several were major faults for example, the seat belt securing the car seat was incorrectly routed and one seat was incompatible for the car.

The most asked question was ‘at what age can the child progress to the next stage of restraint?’.

Most were unaware that the best indicator is in fact a child’s height and weight but experts believe that age isn’t a good indicator as children grow at different rates.

Councillor Alan Moir, Convener of Development and Infrastructure, said: “This safety event was a great success. The main issue seems to be that people are tending to buy their child car seats on-line instead of going to a shop.

“Therefore, they are not getting the opportunity to try before they buy and are missing out on a demonstration from a trained fitter who are the experts when knowing how to fit a seat.

“There are far too many in-car accidents happening and this campaign was all about raising awareness of what people can do to protect their children and themselves.”

Parents and carers can contact the council’s Roads and Neighbourhood Services Department on 0141 574 5766 for advice or copies of the Good Egg guide to in-car safety.