Major water works completed in Bearsden

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Major water works in Bearsden have now been completed - and Scottish Water says it will mean clearer, fresher supplies.

Almost a thousand homes in the west of the town will benefit from the mains work.

Contractors working for Scottish Water replaced a short stretch of main on the footpath between Westbourne Crescent and Abbotsford Road.

The new pipe will help provide better quality water and, because it is made of plastic, it is less susceptible to bursts than the cast-iron section it replaced.

There was some disruption to normal water supplies in the area and to traffic movement during the work but Scottish Water insists it did everything possible to minimise any inconvenience.

During the work, the footpath was closed and a diversion for pedestrians was in operation.

Mark Maclaren, Scottish Water’s regional communities team manager, said: “We would like to thank customers, pedestrians and road-users in the area for their understanding and co-operation during this essential work.

“We are sure that local residents will appreciate that any short-term inconvenience is far out-weighed by the long-term benefits this investment is now delivering.”