Lynn felt like a daftie, but it got her a BAFTA!

BEARSDEN actress Lynn Murray was very embarrassed when she had to shout swear words at the top of her voice on Buchanan Street in Glasgow while filming.

However it was worth it because she has since been awarded a BAFTA Scotland New Talent Award for best actress for her portrayal of the main character, Melanie, in Falling For Fitzgerald.

Lynn, from Douglas Park Crescent, had a lot of fun playing the part of a ‘kooky girl’ in the short comedy film - but says she is nothing like her character.

Melanie is a Jane Austen fan who agrees to pose as the fiancée of a rich gay man but is determined to make him into her Darcy.

The 27-year-old former pupil of Bearsden Academy and Mosshead Primary School, said: “Melanie is a funny, desperate, slightly insane girl.

“She’s completely different to me - I’d never go to those lengths to get a guy.

“I think that’s why I enjoyed playing the part so much - we had a lot of laughs on set.

“When we filmed the part when I’m yelling expletives on Buchanan Street, I was mortified at first and it was tricky because we had to wait until there were no small children around.

“People also kept stopping to watch and running behind me to give me bunny ears.

“We had to just get on with it as we had a deadline to meet.”

In another hilarious scene Melanie forces herself upon Fitzgerald and he falls into a lake.

As a result he goes into a coma and when he wakes he is told that Melanie is his fiance - and of course she plays along with that.

Lynn said: “She foolishly thinks that pretending to be his fiance will be her ticket in and that he will fall in love with her.

“Eventually she realises she’s worth more than that and she should find someone who does love her.”

Lynn went to a special ceremony hosted by Scottish author and broadcaster Muriel Gray in Glasgow’s Oran Mor on Thursday, March 22 to receive her award.

She added: “It was very surreal, I wasn’t expecting it all - I was delighted just to be nominated for it.

“My family are very proud of me - now I need to find a good place to display it in my house.”

The film, directed and written by Amy Hawes, was made after a ‘crowd-sourcing’ appeal for donations raised £1,500.

Until this Lynn had mainly worked in theatre apart from playing small parts on TV shows including River City, BBC3 Lip Service and the BBC comedy show Gary Tank Commander and she appeared in a commercial for Irn-Bru.