Lots to see and do at Mugdock Country Park

Mugdock Castle'Photo Emma Mitchell'25/6/13
Mugdock Castle'Photo Emma Mitchell'25/6/13
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There’s loads going on at Mugdock Country Park over the next few weeks.

Find out about The Planets on Friday, November 15 from 7pm – 8pm.

Discover why Mars is red, why Saturn has hula hoops and why Uranus is so big!

A brief talk will be followed by a chance to get out and search the skies for planets and constellations.

There will be an indoor slide talk if weather is unsuitable. Booking is essential, call 0141 956 6586.

Get your hands dirty by taking part in a bit of rhododendron bashing in Bearsden on Saturday, November 16 fron 11am – 2pm.

Rhododendrons are spreading throughout the Kilmardinny Loch area - enjoy cutting back and hauling out this invasive bush to allow the native plants to come back.

Everyone welcome, though children must be accompanied by and adult. Meet the Mugdock Ranger at the loch end of Thompson Drive.

There will be a bird walk and talk with Migrant Meander at Mugdock on Sunday, November 17 from 1pm – 3pm.

As the winter sets in and our summer visitors leave, a whole variety of winter migrants arrive on our shores to take advantage of our relatively mild climate and bumper berry crop.

There will be a talk, followed by a walk round the park to search for funky fieldfares, wonderful waxwings and more. Booking is essential - call 0141 956 6586.

Have fun, get fit, enjoy a day out in the fresh air and enhance the biodiversity of Lenzie Moss on Saturday, November 23 from 10.45am – 12pm.

The Mugdock Ranger Service need help to restore this rare, raised bog to bring back the plants and animals that used to live here. Wear wellies and follow signs from the end of Lenzie Railway Station car park. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

No parents are required at the Junior Nature Club at the park on Sunday, November 24 from 1.45pm – 4pm.

Work hard and help wildlife in these ranger-led activities for 8-12 year olds. The cost is £1 - bookings are taken from Friday, November 8. Booking essential, call 0141 956 6586.

Bang together a bird box at the park on Saturday, November 30 from 1pm – 3pm.

Build a nest box for our feathered friends with the Ranger Service. Leave your box to be put up at Mugdock (free) or take it home for your garden (£4 charge). Join in anytime, at the visitor centre.