Locals plea to remove ‘dangerous’ bollards

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A woman who presented a petition to the council earlier this year which called for the removal of build-outs is unhappy that they are still there.

Irene Young, from Bearsden, collected 600 signatures for a petition in April which asked the council to remove build-outs on Rannoch Drive, Buchanan Drive and Kessington Road, insisting they are dangerous.

She says drivers don’t see the bollards and knock them down which leaves an unmarked and invisible concrete island which blocks the free flow of traffic.

East Dunbartonshire Council officers carried out a ‘post implementation speed survey’ in June, but they are still in the process of writing a report. Only then will they arrange a public meeting to present the findings.

Mrs Young said: “There’s apparently no rush then for the safety of road users!

“Having attended a few public consultations our opinions were not being recorded so there was no written evidence of what the public thought.

“The build out at 38 Rannoch Drive was yet again been hit by a car and it took two weeks to replace it.

“The one at 25 Kessington Road was also knocked down because the driver didn’t see it and this was in clear conditions in daylight.

“Severe winter conditions and dark nights will exacerbate the lack of visibility.”

She added: “These dangerous concrete islands should be removed. The council might also consider rolling out this scheme in other areas so be warned if you want to prevent this happening.”

Director of neighbourhood services, Grace Irvine, said: “We will respond directly to Mrs Young’s original letter. We are currently in the process of organising a public consultation on the traffic calming in this area and we are keen to hear the views of local people. The results from this will be reported back to elected members along with the petition submitted by Mrs Young.”

To report any damage or discuss this issue call 0300 123 4510 or email customerservices@eastdunbarton.gov.uk.