Local sports clubs invited to Annual General Meeting

Everyone’s enthusiasm for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this week is highly contagious and even people who didn’t think they liked sport are getting interested.

To make sure that everyone gets the chance to take part in a sport East Dunbartonshire Sports Council is offering support to local sports clubs.

Established in 1996, the Sports Council promotes and develops an interest in and participation in all sports throughout the local area.

And they are holding an Annual General Meeting (AGM) tonight (Thursday, July 31) at 7pm in the Conference Room at Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre, and all local sports clubs and organisations are welcome to attend.

Any East Dunbartonshire sports club or organisation not yet a member is encouraged to come along and join at the AGM, to have their say and to enjoy the benefits that membership offers.

Sports Council chairman Lee Hemphill said: “By getting involved with Sport ED, there is an opportunity for clubs and members to share knowledge, meet important local sports contacts, access funding, and get support for training, competitions and championshionships.

“It’s important for clubs to get as much support as possible so they are ready for any additional interest generated from the big sporting events in Scotland this year.”