Local journalist co-writes book about inspirational artist

Jan Patience courtesy of Drew Farrell
Jan Patience courtesy of Drew Farrell

An arts journalist from Bardowie has co-authored a biography about one of Scotland’s most celebrated and unusual artists.

Jan Patience (52) helped to write ‘Arrivals and Sailings’ which tells the extraordinary story of George Wyllie (1921-2012) with George’s daughter Louise (65).

Jan said: “It has been a huge privilege to excavate the life of such an important artist with his elder daughter for company. We have discovered so much about George and about ourselves in the process. This book not only tells the story of George Wyllie, it tells the story of a turbulent century.

“When George appeared on the contemporary art scene in the 1980s, in his trademark bunnet and boiler suit, he seemed to be a fully-formed artist. This book tells the story of what came before and after.

“We meet George, the cheeky wee boy, who used to make fake Empire biscuits for his schoolmates, George the young sailor who fell in love with his life-long love, Daphne, in his first days with the Royal Navy, George the sailor who witnesses first hand the devastation of war at Hiroshima, and George the customs officer, who relished both the discipline and the absurdity of his working life.

“I hope this book becomes text-book reading for all would-be artists.”