Local business provides “divine inspiration”

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A Bearsden church has found an unexpected source of revenue after opening a uniquecommunity cafe earlier this year.

Killermont Parish Church teamed up with a local business which supplies catering equipment calledNew Concept, to offer the service one morning a week and it’s so popular that they are making more money than anyone expected.

Demand has increased so much since it opened in April that it will now open two days a week and one Saturday a month from October.

Ian Steven, convener of Killermont Parish Church Mission Group who also leads its Responsive Church Team, said the cafe was in response to a survey they conducted which revealed an above-average number of older people living in their parish.

They also found that many people live alone and a number of them offer unpaid respite care for others.

He said: “The intention was not for the café to make money, but to provide a service and it looks like we will generate a surplus and we can use that in various ways. The first is to contribute to the church for letting us use the space. Money will also be reserved to upgrade, repair or replace items in the café over time when it is needed, rather than fundraising each time before we can do it. The surplus from this will then be used in mission projects. It’s great that we can give something back into the community and other communities who are less well off.

“It’s also great that people are coming to the cafe not just from our own community but from other areas and other churches, too.”